Lelde Benke


  1. I can help your business become more visible

    I'll happily:

    • assist in identifying your unique selling points and target audience 
    • find the right channels for your message
    • craft your story through compelling copywriting for digital and print 
    • do content audits with actionable insights
    • analyse your competitors 
    • research your stakeholders
    • write eye-catching press releases in English and Latvian
    • organise press trips
    • coordinate influencer marketing campaigns.

    I'll jump at the chance to work with travel companies, the creative industries and businesses looking to launch export operations.

  2. I love to share my passion and insights

    Hire me to talk about: 

    • influencer marketing
    • trends in tourism marketing 
    • travelling and living abroad.

    I really enjoy moderating panels too! 

  3. I deliver quality LV > EN translations

    Happy to work with non-scientific and non-legal texts, and prefer small scale projects. Translating fiction isn't really my thing. Marketing copy, product and event descriptions, culture and travel-related texts are my ideal cup of tea. I also get a kick out of copy editing.

    You'll find samples of my writing over on lifeinriga.com!

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