Lelde Benke


  1. I'm an enthusiastic PR and marketing professional

    lelde benke

    lelde benke

    My story began in Australia where I was born to Latvian parents, so I'm lucky to be a native English and Latvian speaker. After moving to Latvia and completing my schooling here, I couldn't resist packing my bags again and did my journalism and French studies in Scotland with a stint in Canada and a gap year in Belgium. I'm now based in Latvia but happy to work remotely and travel for assignments. 

    Considering my life story, it's no surprise that travel is my biggest passion, and I've been delighted to work in the travel industry for six years with the Latvian tourist board and the national airline. Prior to that, my first graduate job was with a digital marketing agency in Edinburgh. 

    My roles have involved copywriting, public relations, content strategy, influencer marketing campaign management, corporate communications, MICE marketing and search engine optimisation. 

    In my free time, I love to keep my journalism skills alive through blogging about lifeinriga.com

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